The threat of removal from the United States against your will is frightening — and serious. Contact the Law Offices of A. Ashley Gambourian if immigration authorities have accused you or might accuse you of:


Violating the terms or overstaying your visa


Being deportable or inadmissible for having committed a crime

If you have been accused of any violations of U.S. immigration laws, you need the help of attorney A. Ashley Gambourian. She got her start in immigration law representing the government’s side in deportation and exclusion hearings. She was a trial attorney at the Los Angeles District Office of the United States Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Services for five years during the 1990s. This background has prepared Burbank immigration removal attorney A. Ashley Gambourian to advise and guide immigrants and visitors to the U.S.

This law firm has helped many non-U.S. citizens find ways to avoid deportation. If you wish to work with A. Ashley Gambourian, please understand how important it is to tell your attorney the truth. The one mistake that can make it impossible for this law firm to help you is telling lies to your attorney or to a judge. Honesty is the best policy — and a critical foundation in deportation defense.

Serving Southern California Communities Including Glendale and Burbank — Immigration Appeals Lawyer

Burbank immigration removal lawyer A. Ashley Gambourian skillfully brings compelling appeals before immigration judges. She files motions to reopen in cases when new circumstances justify reconsideration. For example, conditions may have changed in clients’ home countries. If you have a removal order or you have a changed situation, we can file a motion to ask an immigration judge to look at your case again and consider why you deserve a second chance.

For information or to schedule a consultation with an established Southern California immigration law attorney, call or email the Law Offices of A. Ashley Gambourian.

Languages spoken at the Law Offices of A. Ashley Gambourian include English, Armenian, Arabic and Russian. We successfully accommodate clients who speak many other languages.